Tal bags

Bars softcase, keeps the pickups in a good shape


     A general way to carry the bars around is to put them in a  roll-up gigbag.

However, when having pickups on your bars, this method will easily damage the pickups. 

 Impro Luxus mallet bag

This luxurious mallet bag, designed by Rawi,  is specially made for us

with the finest leather, and can carry all your mallets




 Multipurpose Impro mallet bag


 This bag is ideal for all classical percussionist

Impro vibraphone bag set

It are not the clothes that make the ImproVibe, but we make sure that they will protect it.


 Custom made bags.. marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel bags


 We produce any kind of bag for big or small malletinstruments, in the dimensions you need. With your dimensions and suggestions, we make you the bag you always wanted.


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