Embedded Midi

The vanderPlas vibraphones can be equipped with the  midi pickup system, a completely new development. We managed to get an enormously low latency into the new system.
The midi/audio pickup system lets you expand your musical range without limits.

With the supplied manager software you can easily configure the system to your needs up to bar level.

With its open architecture software, updates and upgrades are done easily, so the feature will always be up to date.



The extreme low latency makes you trigger the fastest percussive sounds, something that till now has not been possible on other midi systems. 
Unlike earlier vibraphone-midi-system attempts, this system does the actual midi conversion already at bar level, through its own own processor and AD converter. 

You can teach the system to act on your playing style,
and to act on your mallets hardness.

Updating and upgrading is done conviniently though the USB port.

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