HDS bars

To protect the aluminum bars, normally on vibraphones they are brushed and then anodized in either a silver or gold color.
Bars treated like this have a certain sound character.

We developped a different way to protect, finish, and shape the sound character of the bar: HDS

With this special bar treatment, every single bar undergoes its own pretty complicated (a.o. chemical) process, creating a sound color that is more cutting and brilliant, without losing warmth.
On top of this, the HDS bars offer a longer sustain and more even decay of all the harmonics.

Specially when using pickups, the HDS bars offer a much clearer and cutting sound opposed to normal brushed bars.

To add more warmth and to create that special sound that distinguishes the vanderPlas vibraphones from other brands, we triple tune the HDS bars, and make them on average about 5mm wider than the bars on other brand vibraphones.

The HDS bars are standard on the gigVibe, optional on the improVibe and available in Gold or Blue.


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