Vibrato control

80% of the jazz vibists don't use the vibrato effect on their instrument.
They feel the vibrato effect is too heavy and full for their taste.

Regularly on vibraphones the vibrato effect is created by the rotating discs/fans on top of the resonator tubes, driven thru a belt by a rotating motor-axle.

In our instruments we use a differend approach: we make the fans swivle, not rotate.

By adjusting the angles the fans swivle, we adjust depth of the vibrato. Now you will be able to on the spot, without the need to change hardware create the subtle vibrato you allways looked for.

To achieve this we use a high quality extreme small computer driven servo motor, we removed the belt, put the motor inside the small endblock and put the control panel on top of the left endblock so it is always within your reach. 
The best quality knobs will make you set the speed and the depth, and the luxury quality start/stop button sets the vibrato in motion, or make it stop in the open position.

With the embedded vibrato system:
no (uncovered) belts, which you probably lose or break during transport,
- the motor itself is hidden inside the endblocks
- no seperate parts like belts or in some cases fragile plates, you need to bring to the gig
- operates on any AC voltage from 100-250 Volts.

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