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The vanderPlas improVibe model, available in the ranges of 3, 3.2 and 3.5 octaves is the ideal vibraphone when you don't travel too much and
prefer fast setting up next  to enjoying comfort and beauty.


Tilted Bars

Its special aluminum gold or blue HDS bars,  produce a beautiful tone. Unique and only found on the vanderPlas vibraphones, are the tilted bars: there is no better comfort than this.




Motor vibrato system

The vibrato system is the most advanced you will find on a vibraphone. The fans on the vanderPlas vibraphones don't rotate, yet swivle. This way we are able to eliminate the gearbox which was used to drive the shafts, and doing so we have made the 

most silent vibrato system available (21dB measured at 1cm distance,  a quiet soundstudio has a base level of 20dB). With this unique vibrato system, not only speed can be controlled, but also the depth of vibrato through the use of a knob, not by replacing hardware fans or whatever, so realtime!!!!  


The fsupporting rame is similar to the gigVibes, and has the comfortable semi-wide pedal.

This prevents the regular hurting backs normally suffering from when using small-width pedals.

As the bars have the same dimensions as the bars from our other vibraphones, you can easily swap vibraphones later in your life,

To ensure perfect dampening, the improVibe is equipped with the same dampening system (including the silicone pad) as the gigVibe. This unique perfect vertical moving damper system allows for even dampening of all bars. The silicone damper pad ensures a nice and natural dampening of the bars, without annoying continues ringing overtones, and unwanted noises.

  The bars rest on a gorgeous and luxurious light oak, clear lacquered keybed.



The improVibe can be equipped with the newest midi pickup system, a completely new development.
We managed to get an enormously low latency into the new system.

The midi/audio pickup system let you expand your musical range without limits.





3 different finishes


The improVibe is available in 3 different finishes.Plain oak, matt black coating, mirrorshine black piano finish.




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