improVibe 3 octaves

    Bars: graduate width, 60/55/50/45/40mm wide

Range: 3 octavesF3-F6 Pitch: A440 or A442

  Barcolor: gold or blue HDS. Brushed optional

Dimensions: LxDxH 151x80x82cm (min)

Heightadjustable: Yes

Motor: servo controlled, 110-240Volts

vBeam for controlling touchless speed, manual vibrato, start/stop, rotory simulation

Vibrato control: speed, depth, stop at open position

Pedal: semi-wide

Casters: all 4 total lock

Keybed: one piece, solid oak with walnut front

Midi: optional, embedded

Now available also with black coating or a mirrorshine piano-finish.



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