Midi pickup system

The vanderPlas midi pickup system is the ideal system for vibraphones, marimbas and xylophones to both amplify the acoustic sound of the vibraphone, marimba or xylophone, as well as to transform the instrument into a midi controller. 

As the only manufacturer in the world offering a midi system for mallet instruments, apart from using it as an embedded feature in our instruments, we also offer it as a retrofit to existing other brand vibraphones, marimbas and xylophones.

Through its unique, true parallel processing, full polyfony architecture, each single bar contains its own midi-converter, resulting in an incredibly low latency. Using fast percussive sounds and playing tremolos on single notes will not be a problem anymore (opposite of earlier older midi systems). It feels like a normal realtime instrument.


Midi manager

Configuring the system is easy through its midi configuration manager software. 
Per each bar you are able to set its latency, note-on level, note-off level, retrigger-level, etc.

And not only that.

You are able to have the system react on 3 different mallet hardnesses (soft, medium, hard), and set the variable accordingly.




 The system can be used on any range instrument up to 5 octaves, without loss of latency, and with full polyphony.

Installing is dead-easy: just mount the collector rails to the instruments bar rails, glue the pickups to the bottom of the bars, if needed adjust the configuration, and you are ready for action.



- usb
- midi out
- 3.5mm mini jack for hold pedal
- 1/4" jack mono audio output
- latency 3-5ms





Advanced midi system with tablet control


- 16 midi channels (all channels selectable)
- full polyfony
- layers
- selecting midichannels thru tablet
- selecting instruments thru tablet
- configuration of the system thru tablet
- custom midi streams
- selectable velocity range (for soft/medium/hard mallets
- direct connection to internal wifi, so no need for external wifi.



System includes:

- Pickups for all bars plus 5 spares
- 2 collector rails including all electronics
- 10" tablet with OS Windows10
- collector connection cable

The midi pickup systems do not include sounds!

NOTE: Before using the midi system, read the manual! 
Read the instructions carefully and follow the steps indicated in the installation manual before any connection. 



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