"To create something unique, a masterpiece of art in its own right,  Precious, intuitive, and of lasting value".

This is the guiding value we have always aspired for in the identity of our instruments.



 Inspired by the passion and beauty of the instruments we craft, we wanted to create a new breathtaking vibraphone 
with striking performance that  makes you shine on any stage,  
in any music genre, whether it is jazz, avantgarde or dance.


The edgy look, ease of playing, and new innovations will help you to bring your music to unheard levels. 

 Dare to Amaze


The Vizzion Narada is a 3 octaves vibraphone offering all features needed in a modern instrument. 
From the vibrato with both speed and depth control, to the fast midi, to the new electric dampening system
The new slimline keybed with its compact dimensions is both a joy to bring to your gigs, and to use it on any stage.
The angled, height adjustable legs, make this instrument rock-solid. The electric dampening allows for precise dampening,
and eliminates all brutal forces normally applied to the instruments' frame.This makes the Vizzion Narada the most stable vibraphone ever made.



3 octaves F3-F6
graduate width bars (60,55,50,45 and 40mm wide, 12mm thick)
Blue HDS bars, triple tuned
keybed dimensions LxWxH 147x78x6cm
height adjustable
servo controlled vibrato system with speed and depth controlvBeam for controlling touchless speed, manual vibrato, start/stop, rotory simulation
advanced midi, full polyfony



The Vizzion inBalance, sensual lines for a unique instrument.

Inspired by elegance

The InBalance explores uncharted territories with its smooth and sensual design. It comes with the stylistic features and advanced vibraphone technology that characterize vanderPlas vibraphones. 
All perfection we have learned has lead to the birth of this model. Enjoy the best performance, feel, sound and control, ever in an instrument. 



  • inBalance Zoomed in
    inBalance Zoomed in
  • inBalance Low End
    inBalance Low End
  • inBalance High End
    inBalance High End


Dare to dream of more. Explore the sensational with the Arctic Vizzion Vibe concept.

The Arctic Vizzion Vibe blends the seductive design and intelligent performance that are hallmarks of vanderPlas.

Arctic vibe

We designed this instrument to be an eyecatcher for you to stand out beyond others.

An eyecatcher with all the features you look for in a vibraphone:

- HDS bars
our true depth control vibrato system
- vBeam for controlling touchless speed, manual vibrato, start/stop

 All packed in a timeless design.

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