I know that I am really going to enjoy working with the instrument!

The tone is nice and full with a good attack and the dampering system is tight and keeps good control of any loose sound. I worked this morning with my regular bassist and it was so easy to play as the tone is so clear - I was really able to play with great clarity.
Started with the MIDI set up and everything looks and works really great. Excellent tracking! Incredibly sensitive and accurate. Thank you. I am also blown away by the subtle fan vibrato and the way it can be varied. Makes the acoustic sound so full.

Frank, proud owner of an LW35

 The motor works great. I love how you can adjust the speed and intensity. 
The little “swivel” is a nice touch. I even like the blue light!
 My wife keeps remarking on how beautiful the instrument looks, and sounds. I’m glad that I can keep it in the house, as opposed to squeezing it into our garage (where there is already a set of drums!)

George, proud owner of an improVibe 3.5

I want to say the vibraphone it is all I hoped and expected. It sounds 
wonderful and also it looks beautiful. What else could I ask? What a 
change from my old bergerault! I'll try to take it and explore as much 
as possible. Thanks a lot.

Joan, proud owner of an improVibe 3.0

(improVIbe 3.0) this vibe has a really amazing sound. For me, it sounds better than a musser m48. Almost the frame and the damper system is much better than the yamahas and mussers. 

(gigVibe3.5) Besser geht's nicht. Das ist die absolute Oberliga.

Sandro, proud owner of a gigVibe 3.5 and an improVibe 3.0

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